Azon University 2 Lockdown Edition

Use the lockdown to your advantage and get started with your Amazon Business! Now is the perfect time to find a product and a supplier!

Module 1

Week 1: Product Profits

In this module you'll learn the 4 principles of hot-selling product ideas and how to easily find your first idea so you can finally get past the brick wall of product research. We need to make sure you get past this stage quickly with a winning product that provides the income you want.

Module 2

Week 2: Golden Suppliers

In this module we teach you how to find "golden suppliers" using our copy-paste email templates and scripts that make sure suppliers are chasing YOU down. We also take out all the guesswork with our 14 "Confusion-busting" supplier questions, so you can screen suppliers quickly and get your winning product to Amazon.

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"Without saying too much, I just want to express my gratitude for all your support and guidance in taking me to where I am. I cannot believe that the change I made in the last few weeks (keywords, bullet points and pictures) have taken my turnover to over 6K in 30days. I know there are many that are turning over as much as 20, 30,50K. I really don't care about that, just so pleased with my own progess and feel I can scale it up to reach those levels with time and perseverance."

- Ennie Mhende, Co-Founder, Impressive Company

"I found Shimmy by mistake surfing the web, I am so glad I did find his video. I took the course, the course is worth every penny. It is clear so well explained, and he and his brother Josh will come back to you with any questions that you may have very quickly. Don't hesitate to sign up, you won't regret it! It could change your life

- Edith Bariez,

"I signed up with AzonU recently. It's already been worth twice the price and I'm not done yet. I love that I can go back to listen and absorb over and over. I also love the one on one email coaching. So helpful!!"

- Deb Minnard


Bonus 1

The Mindset Module

In this bonus module I teach you how to fix your mindset so you are thinking "Financial Freedom" without stressing, worrying or having to break down psychological barriers. You'll have the mental foundation to ease towards your goals of making more money, saving more time, and working for yourself.

Bonus 2

Azon University Mastermind Group

In this private group of Amazon sellers you'll have a community where you can find help in overcoming any obstacle, share your wins and goals, stay motivated and find answers whenever you need so you can save time scouring the internet for an answer, and take the fast path to growing your Amazon income.


"We will do well over £500,000 of business on Amazon UK this year and we are also growing in the USA!"

- Barney Phillips

"Have found Josh and Shimmy's course invaluable in getting my business off the ground. It's a HUGE library of information from choosing a product launching on Amazon and ranking keyboards. Lots of tools and tips which are brilliant... " It's a no brainer if you're thinking of starting an Amazon FBA business.

- Micheal J Sharman

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